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LWPR | Ingredients for Healthy Hair

June 28, 2017 / 0 Comments / Posted in: LWPR Top Tips, Trends, Uncategorized

Health and wellness trends dictate what fashionable food we should be eating but have you ever considered that they may be healthy for your hair too? Taking the saying ‘you are what you eat’ to the next level, the benefits of clean-eating are now crossing over to beauty routines.

Here are the top ingredients to look out for to maintain a healthy head of hair:


Aloe Vera

This hero plant was recently trending in the form of aloe vera water but its moisturising properties are great for hair too! It contains proteolytic enzymes which repair and remove dead skin cells, an ideal soothing solution for itchy scalps.


Avocado oil

The avocado trend is still proving popular with over 6 million uses of the hashtag on Instagram alone! While we may enjoy it on toast, avocado is actually great if you’re trying to grow your hair. The good fatty acids and antioxidants it contains promote blood flow to the scalp, encouraging healthy hair growth.


Coconut milk

With the rise of veganism, coconut milk has been a popular alternative for many but it is also beneficial for hair as a natural moisturiser. Using coconut milk as a pre-wash treatment nourishes hair and restores moisture from roots to ends.


Grape seed oil

We all understand the benefits of fruit for healthy skin and grape seed oil is also brilliant for adding natural shine to hair. It contains a high amount of vitamin E which can help to restore hair loss as well as providing gloss without looking greasy.


Flax seeds

A favourite in Instagram-worthy breakfasts, flax seeds are actual helpful for restoring elasticity to hair. It makes hair stronger, reduces breakages and helps to keep dandruff at bay – and essential nutrient for your follicles!


These are the key natural ingredients you should look out for when considering products to specifically target the health and well being of your hair; they’re also great for a DIY treatment at home. Will you be using the contents of your kitchen for healthier hair?


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